Monica’s site is simple and easy to navigate through.  Every section is clear and easy to see, I think her use of white space lends really well to this clarity.  The identity this site projects to me is very genuine, mellow, and for some reason comforting.  The colour scheme is pretty muted, so nothing punches the site visitor in the face.  In the lecture we had about design some things the speaker covered was readability, variety in alignment, and balance.  I think this site does really well in addressing these aspects.  Each page is broken into sections.  The top has the menu and her logo, there’s a middle section that her posts/contents sit in, and then there is a section at the bottom for her pictures.  The bottom section which she names “Through My Lens” is a feature that I like a lot.  This section is present throughout her entire website, and I like that in it I learn a little bit about her.  I also really like the logo she has for her site.  I think it sets up her site’s identity really well.

There is a good balance between her writing, white space, and the images on the website.  There is not too much going on, so her content is showcased nicely.  The site is not cluttered, so navigating to its different parts goes pretty smoothly.  In terms of alignment, her site plays with it tastefully.  Her logo is centered, so is her menu, but then her posts fill the entire middle section, then her pictures at the bottom again are centered.  Her variation in her site’s alignment keeps her pages exciting, as much as it can get with words.  Her Posiel Category is organized.  She has subcategories for the different assignments in the class, and they are easy to get to.  Design wise I think this presence is very clean, and there is nothing glaring.  She has a really good foundation for this online identity.  As she posts more, her site will become more robust, and her identity will be further projected/expressed.    The identity so far is comforting and inspiring, and I think that there is absolutely a demographic for the presence; I am in that demographic actually.  Something I would suggest considering is trying to maybe make her pages more interactive/dynamic.  She can try plugins for carousels, or someway incorporate some movement between the site visitors and her pages/content.  I think this could really add excitement to what she has already put out.

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