The audience I imagine for this site I’ve mentioned this before I think, but I am catering to girls in or near my age (13-20) group.  This site is really personal to my experiences, I think the people who could relate best to what I put out on this site are in the previously mentioned demographic.  I think this set of people are likely to be going through the same things I am writing about, and in this I think meaningful connections can be made between the material, me, and possibly the readers (if any).  As far as my design decisions go, I try to stay true to what I like, because it is a personal blog.  I want the site to be genuine to me (my beliefs, personality, preferences) and to my stories.  For content, the writing and the pictures, I try to put up things that are meaningful to me, and honest to the people who look at the site; I hope this translates to the people visiting.  I use monochromatic colours quite a bit in the site; one, because I really like the look of it, I think it is timeless and looks classy, two because I want to bring focus to the coloured featured post images (the content).  Too much colour in my opinion is really distracting.  I want the content to have the most attention on the blog.  I wanted the layout of the site to be simple, and easy to navigate for the site visitors.  I don’t really plan to have too many bells or whistles in this site.  My vision for this identity is pretty simple and easy to consume (hopefully).

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